Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

What is Lumbar Spine Stenosis? Lumbar Spinal stenosis is a common medical condition, affecting the lower (lumbar) region of the back. It is a condition that increases in prevalence in an aging population and is a frequent reason for spinal surgery for adults over 65. Spinal stenosis is characterised as an abnormal narrowing of the […]

What is Fibromyalgia?

What is Fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a condition characterised by unexplained, chronic and widespread pain throughout the body. The severity of symptoms can vary greatly between those affected, with the most common complaints including: Flu-like body aches Muscle tenderness Increased sensitivity to pain Headaches Fatigue Sleep disturbances Anxiety/Depression Problems with cognition (including memory and concentration) Bladder/bowel […]

Change Your Life With Hypnotherapy

Is learned behaviour & old patterns getting in the way of your health, happiness and potential? See Article below supported by Statistics and Empirical data to the beneficial results of HYPNOTHERAPY In many cases, past experiences set our future behaviours and sets up limitations which effectively constrain our full potential. Hypnotherapy, is commonly used to […]

What is a frozen shoulder “Adhesive Capsulitis” ? and how to manage it?

Painful Shoulder? Frozen Shoulder? What is adhesive capsulitis? Adhesive capsulitis, colloquially referred to as frozen shoulder, is a debilitating and painful condition that affects the shoulder joint and can contribute to significant disability. It is often prevalent in adults (40 – 60 years old) and is more common in women. As the name frozen shoulder […]

Do you have issues with incontinence?

Women’s Health and Incontinence Physiotherapy Women’s health and incontinence physiotherapy is a specialty of physiotherapy that focuses on incontinence and conditions specific to women in particular. Services range from antenatal/post-natal education and exercise, as well as musculoskeletal treatment for particular conditions such as prolapse. Pelvic floor muscle weakness in particular has been linked to many […]