Clinical Hypnotherapy in Heidelberg

service clinical hypnotherapy at Total PhysiocareDo you have suffer from stress or anxiety?  You may have tried to quit smoking or tried every diet plan on the market, but in the end nothing changes. It may feel like a never-ending cycle! You know something needs to change, but are not sure how to take the next step.

Hypnotherapy is like a form of guided meditation which gets you into a relaxed state of mind. It produces incredibly powerful results in its ability to promote and create quick change. Clinical hypnotherapy promotes mental health and well-being, which in turn affects physical healing on multiple levels.

Jane has over 10 years experience as a qualified Hypnotherapist, Meditation, Relaxation Specialist and Yoga teacher. She has a variety of professional qualifications in Hypnotherapy and Meditation from Buddhist, Transcendental, Kundalini Mantra, Guided and Breath work, + Australian Clinical Hypnotherapy. She works with the experience of Maggie Wilde and Dr Rick Collingwood PHD, two of Australia’s leading and internationally renowned Hypnotherapists.

Jane has also studied the Mongan method of Hypno-birthing.

Jane is a qualified Hatha and Kundalini Yoga teacher. Her Thesis for her International Kundalini Yoga Instructor Certification focused on the science of meditation.

Jane has had great success working with many corporate groups, including Ligeti Partners Lawyers, ACCC and the National Australia Bank. Jane has experience in treating a wide variety of presenting conditions including stress related conditions, depression, anxiety, weight loss, smoking, chronic pain, fears and phobias.

One of Jane’s passions is utilising HYPNOBIRTHING to assist parents to prepare for the experience and wonder of childbirth. She integrates 7 years of experience in teaching pregnancy yoga and mums and bubs yoga, with individualised sessions for the expectant parents.

With a warm and healing energy, Jane is deeply compassionate and committed to empowering her clients to improve their lives and discover their inner potential. Whatever it is you would like to change, can be powerfully enhanced through positive affirmation and results can be magnified and multiplied through Clinical Hypnotherapy.



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