Physiotherapy in Camberwell, Heidelberg, Reservoir, Footscray

Physiotherapy is the complete health care profession that is focused on the improvement of injury and disability; and promoting return to your normal activities and quality of life. This is done through a complete assessment of your condition, evaluating contributing factors, providing a diagnosis and from that providing a picture for your optimal outcome. This involves a physiotherapy treatment to mobilise stiff joints, strengthening weak muscles, stretching tight muscles and improving posture.

Physiotherapy service at Total PhysiocareOur physiotherapy team is dedicated to giving you the tools to regain your optimal performance goals. We treat with clinical best practice based on industry research, extensive clinical experience and a holistic approach. You will leave your first session with the tools to achieve your goals and a clearer understanding of how you are going to achieve this.

All of our physiotherapists have extensive experience in treating both acute and chronic injuries, pain and dysfunction. We use a range of techniques which, when combined, result in a successful rehabilitation for the client. We utilise manual therapies, electrotherapy, education and graduated exercise prescription designed to assist in full return to function or sport.





796 Burke Road Camberwell VIC 3124

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70 Yarra Street Heidelberg VIC 3084

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2 Orrong Avenue Reservoir VIC 3073

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Western Private Consulting
Suite 8, 30 Eleanor Street,
Footscray VIC 3011

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