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Continence conditions can affect men, women and children. These conditions can affect the bladder or bowel leading to leakage, accidents or frequent trips to the bathroom. This can drastically affect someone’s life, however often people avoid seeking treatment for these conditions due to fear of embarrassment, leading to prolonged symptoms that may get worse without treatment. At Total Physiocare, we have a qualified women’s health physiotherapist who frequently works with these sorts of conditions to help people reduce accidents, improve continence and enable people to improve their quality of life.

Female continence issues:

Incontinence issues affect twice as many women as men, affecting women during exercise, post giving birth or throughout ageing. Incontinence after pregnancy or menopause is extremely common however not normal and can be treated with physiotherapy. Physiotherapy for women’s health or female incontinence works with people ranging from mild bladder leakage, increased urinary frequency, increased urgency and prolapse. Physiotherapy for these conditions can improve symptoms and return you to previous activities without concern of leakage or damage.

Male continence problems:

Men often experience continence issues as a result of prostate problems, in conjunction with other medical conditions or as they age. These issues include difficulty initiating urination, faltering flow, incomplete bladder emptying or increased frequency of urination, faltering flow, incomplete bladder emptying, increased frequency or urination or increased nocturnal urination. A thorough assessment by a physiotherapist can help understand bladder and bowel habits, determine contributing factors to decide on the appropriate treatment.

Children's continence problems:

In school aged children, children often suffer from bladder control issues and bedwetting. This can affect a child’s confidence and mental health if left untreated or unresolved. A thorough physiotherapy assessment can help diagnose and understand the reason behind these to develop a treatment plan that may alleviate these symptoms.

Physiotherapy will include a thorough assessment to help determine the contributing factors impacting your incontinence. Once the issue has been diagnosed, the physiotherapist will help establish your goals prior to creating a treatment plan to ensure that it is directed towards your wants and needs. Treatment of continence issues depends on the type of pelvic floor dysfunction that you have, but may involve pelvic floor strengthening, behavioural approaches or changes in lifestyle.

Our continence physiotherapist Claire will be able to thoroughly assess, diagnose and aid in the treatment of these conditions. Physiotherapy techniques can help improve function, prevent leakage or improve pelvic health. At Total Physiocare, we provide continence services at Camberwell and Heidelberg.

Common Symptoms

  • Increased frequency of urination
  • Uncontrollable urgency to urinate / defecation
  • Leaking with exercise, coughing or sneezing
  • Having to get up several times a night to go to the toilet
  • Bed wetting
  • Difficulty initiating urination or faltering flow