Dry Needling in Heidelberg, Kew, Reservoir and Footscray

service dry needlingDry needling involves the insertion of a fine needle into a myofascial (skin, muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments) trigger point. A trigger point is a tender spot within a tight band of muscle that can cause pain, which is either localise or referred. Dry needling is thought to activate the healing process by increasing blood flow, releases tight muscles and cause pain inhibition. This can result in pain relief and aid in the restoration of healthy physiology.

You may experience a reproduction of your pain during needling, and this is considered a helpful diagnostic indicator for the practitioner. Dry needling can be used as a treatment technique for many different injuries. Such conditions include, neck, back, shoulder, arm, migraine and tension-type headaches, jaw pain, buttock pain, and leg pain.



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