Total Physiocare Reservoir

Total Physiocare Reservoir was initially established in 1973 and since then has been committed to providing high quality Physiotherapy to the community. It was named Reservoir Physiotherapy Clinic in the beginning but we have branded it the same with our other practices a few years back. The complex has been renovated and extended. It is now equipped with a fantastic gym which includes all the equipment you need to challenge and progress you through all stages of your rehabilitation, from beginning to return to full function or sport. We also have a pilates studio for group and individual classes. We also do our assessments for hydrotherapy classes here. We take 2 hydrotherapy classes a week at the Reservoir Leisure Centre which is at the end of Cuthburt Rd.

There is onsite parking at the premises and a ramp entrance at the back for those with mobility issues. It is a walk away from the train station and easily accessible by car.

We welcome all patients including TAC, Workcover and DVA patients.

Other Services in include :