Eldercise is a program that was designed for clients over the age of 55, who wish to exercise in a safe gym environment which is supervised by a qualified physiotherapist at all times. Participants exercise for many reasons, which include rehabilitation from surgery, osteoarthritis, decreased mobility, balance or general fitness and conditioning. The program is affordable and flexible.

Prior to commencing Eldercise, participants are given a full physiotherapy assessment of mobility, fitness, strength and balance. The results of the assessment enable a personalised gym program to be constructed and taught. The clients then begin to conduct their own program under the supervision and guidance of a physiotherapist.

Every 6 -10 weeks the program is reassessed to check the client's progress. Amendments can be made at this time as fitness, strength and other areas improve.

The cost can be claimed directly using appropriate private health insurance.



70 Yarra Street Heidelberg VIC 3084

03 9457 7474


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