Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Trained Physiotherapists:

Gerry and Irene Unlocking Your Golf Potential


Conducted by Gerry and Irene, our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) trained practitioners will get you on the journey to striking a golf ball like never before.

Golf, a sport of finesse and precision, demands continuous improvement. Meet Gerry and Irene, Titleist Performance Institute trained physiotherapists, poised to revolutionise your golf swing through functional assessment and exercise.

Why TPI?

Founded in 2003, TPI is renowned for enhancing golf performance through in-depth body analysis. Gerry and Irene have harnessed this knowledge to help golfers unlock their potential.


Who is it for?

Anyone who has a current injury (we are able to modify the assessment for you), endures pain playing golf, has a golf related injury or just wants to enhance your body movement capabilities.


What is assessed?

Your journey starts with a comprehensive assessment, involving:

1. Assessing your swing (send us videos from 3-4 angles prior to attending your appointment at kew@totalphysiocare.com.au)

2. Complete a physical screen: we will analyse your posture, flexibility, strength, and mobility, honing in on key swing influencers like the spine, hips, shoulders, and core.


What do you get?

After the swing assessment and physical screen, Gerry and Irene will provide you with a detailed top to toe breakdown looking specifically at what areas of your body need improving to optimise your swing. You will also get a personalised golf specific exercise program.


What will it do to your swing?

Expect remarkable changes in your swing and reduced injury risk as you progress through your program. Your shots will become more accurate, and your overall confidence on the course will skyrocket.


Will you work with my golf professional/ coach?

Absolutely if you would like us to. If your golf professional notices any issues with your swing that needs some physiotherapy treatment and screening, we can contact them so that we have the same goal that we can work to achieve together.


How long will it take to see results?

Depending on your current presentation and associated injuries, most people will notice instant changes to your swing and improve your handicap!


Can this be covered with my private health insurance fund?

Our TPI certified practitioners are registered physiotherapy health professionals. Private health patients with extras cover can claim a TPI golf assessment on their private health.

Gerry and Irene are your ultimate golf game-changers. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, their TPI expertise will elevate your performance and enjoyment.

In the pursuit of golf perfection, every edge counts, and Gerry and Irene, armed with TPI training, are your secret weapons. Don't wait; join them on your journey to a better golf game today!

Why not give it try today and book an appointment today for your assessment!