Today's Quick Five: Upper Back

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Thank you for joining Megan Reid for todays quick five exercises for your upper back. These exercises can be done through out your work day, while you're in the office. It's important to stay moving across the day, instead of staying cramped up at a desk all day. We have decided to start a new series of videos that are designed to be quick and helpful reminders to stay moving. Feel free to use these five exercises across your workday as you see fit.

Megan Reid is one of our talented Physiotherapists here at Total Physiocare. For more information, or details on how to contact Megan directly, or to book an appointment her, for either a telehealth consultation or a face to face consultation.

During this challenging time, Total Physiocare is dedicated to helping you stay fit and active. These are some simple, and useful exercises that you can do at your desk while working from home. If you experience any discomfort or pain during any exercise shown within this video, please reach out to one of our clinics, and our committed team of Physiotherapists will work to help you. We are currently offering face to face consults and Telehealth consults. Your first Telehealth consult with us is FREE, so don't hesitate to reach out and connect with one of our team members.

Total Physiocare has four locations across Melbourne, Australia - Kew - Heidelberg - Footscray - Reservoir If you have any questions, or wish to know more about us, please reach out via our contact us page on our website www.totalphysiocare.com.au/

Physiotherapist: Megan Reid Film/Edit: Ashlen Claire Harkness Music: Funny Song - Sourced from www.bensound.com

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