What is Clinical Pilates?

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Our Clinical Pilates is a series of graduated exercises coupled with breathing techniques, and is designed to strengthen your deep abdominal muscles to improve the muscular support and stability of your spine. It aims to improve your posture, muscle efficiency and general conditioning. The advantage of this type of physiotherapy is that you work on muscle control rather than strength, with the exercises working muscle groups in patterns that are functional.
This specialised type of physio is taught by pilates trained physiotherapists and is suited to people looking to:

  1. Find a method to deal with a current or previous injury and associated pain. This includes back or neck pain, sports injuries, pregnancy related back and pelvis pain.
  2. Improve core strength, tone up and improve the general condition of their body.
  3. Reduce the risk of future injury or pain,

This branch of physiotherapy may also provide benefits for improved pelvic floor, improved sporting performance, reduce back pain and improve pelvic stability during pregnancy.
Each of our clinics has an extensive range of specific pilates equipment (including reformer and trapeze tables), which enable our experienced physiotherapists to design an individualised core strengthening program based on Clinical Pilates principles. Programs are individually designed to cater for the specific clinical requirements of each client. We offer individual sessions and small group classes that are conducted by an experienced pilates trained physiotherapist.
Whilst this program has been very successful in the treatments of multiple conditions, it is also used extensively as a general fitness tool for individuals without specific injuries.

Why choose Physiotherapy based on Clinical Pilates?

Research has definitively shown that pain can inhibit the function of the surrounding deep stabilising muscles around the spine. It has been found that even once the pain has gone, the muscle function does not automatically return to normal. As such, it is important to strengthen the deep muscles to regain their function and to reduce the likelihood of the pain returning. Our specialised physiotherapy service based on Clinical Pilates offers a way to retrain the deep stabilising muscles. With a program designed and supervised by a Clinical Pilates trained Physiotherapist, you can have confidence the exercises you are doing are appropriate for your spine, muscles and joints, and will be specific to your individual needs.

People who would benefit from Physiotherapy based on Clinical Pilates

  • Back, neck or shoulder pain
  • Pelvic or hip pain
  • Athletes
  • Post orthopaedic surgery
  • Pre and post natal
  • Pelvic floor retraining
  • Postural and flexibility issues
  • General conditioning, toning and fitness

6-Week Better Back Program

Back pain is experienced by over 50% of the population at some stage during their life. For many people, it is a fleeting problem and resolves quickly. Are you one of those people who have back pain that has lingered beyond a week, or that has had multiple episodes of back pain?

Our 6-week program has been designed specifically for people who suffer from back pain or injury. However, the program is also suitable for people with neck, hip, and shoulder injuries. The exercises are fully personalised and graded to your age and ability.

The program includes:
• One on One sessions conducted by an experienced clinical pilates trained physiotherapist
• Experience the benefit of a clinical reformer and trapeze
• Learn the three most important exercises to get pain free
• Discover the easiest strategy to get your ‘core’ muscles working in everyday life, no matter how busy you are.
At the completion of the program your physiotherapist will complete a full reassessment of your progress and recommend how you may continue maintain your new pain free back. Any strengthening program needs to be for at least six weeks to gain lasting benefit. Our 6-week program is designed to increase ‘functional core strength’.

Group Physiotherapy based on Clinical Pilates

Small group classes are a fantastic way to experience the amazing result of physiotherapy based on Clinical Pilates in a cost effective way. Classes are conducted by one of our highly experienced Clinical Pilates trained physiotherapists.
Each participant in the group will have had an individual assessment prior to commencing group classes to ensure that the perfect program is created for you, based on your specific injuries.



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