Supervised Hydrotherapy

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Our hydrotherapy is a specifically designed exercise program conducted in a specially heated swimming pool.  These classes are fully supervised by our experienced physiotherapists. Benefits of water exercise are numerous, but include:

  • Warm water relieves muscle tension
  • Water pressure reduces swelling
  • The resistance the water provides is seven times greater than air and can be used to strengthen your muscles
  • The effect of buoyancy and the absence of gravity assist in improved ability to walk and move freely.

Our supervised hydrotherapy can be very effective when used in combination with traditional forms of physiotherapy.  It can be a great  way of exercising if you have osteoarthritis or degenerative conditions! Classes are conducted in a pool that is at a depth of approximately 1.5 metres and warmer than a normal indoor pool.

We ask our clients  to bring bathers, towel and thongs to all classes. Please note, you do need to be able to swim for our hydrotherapy classes.  But if you are an inexperienced swimmer or lack confidence in water, please notify the Physiotherapist in charge.


Reservoir Leisure Centre
2A Cuthbert Rd, Reservoir, Vic, 3073

Monday, Friday 12pm – Book now!

(For hydro bookings and payments, please
call our Reservoir Clinic on 9469 3157)

Maribyrong Aquatic Centre
1 Aquatic Drive, Maribyrong , VIC, 3032
Tuesday, Thursday 1pm – Book now!

(For hydro bookings and payments, please
call our Footscray Clinic on 8393 5274)