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The neck is a complex area comprising seven vertebrae separated by discs, with nerves, muscles and other soft tissue structures within the neck. The neck helps support the weight of the head, requiring strong muscles and ligaments to provide stability.

Neck injuries can cause significant pain and limited movement, affecting almost every activity such as turning the head, driving, typing on a computer, sitting for long periods, etc. Neck pain can be acute (sudden onset and short lasting) or chronic (long term). Acute neck pain may include lifting, waking from an uncomfortable position, prolonged postures or quick movements that the body wasn’t prepared for. Chronic neck pain can be caused from poorly managed acute episodes, reccurring injuries or in some cases trauma. Occasionally, neck pain can result in referred symptoms of pain, pins and needles or numbness in the shoulders region or down the arm, sometimes into the face and can develop into headaches.

Treatment at Total Physiocare can be an invaluable tool in your recovery after a neck injury. We take a thorough history of your condition and a detailed assessment. We liaise with other treating practitioners - referring for any medical imaging if required. We track your progress through regular outcome measures to ensure we are providing the most effective treatment for your individual needs and progressing towards your individual goals.

While your rehabilitation plan with us will be based on your individual presentation, needs and goals, treatments will often include a combination of hands on therapy, taping, strength training and stretching.


  • Acute wry neck
  • Discogenic neck pain and referred radicular pain / radiculopathy
  • Whiplash