The hip is a ball and socket joint that joins the femur to the pelvis. This joint connects our legs to our body and assists in all lower body movements, providing stability and allowing us to stand, walk and run. This joint is important in supporting our body weight every time we connect with the ground, requiring both a lot of stability and a lot of movement.

Hip pain are common issues that can present acutely (sudden and short duration) or develop into a chronic issue (long term). Acute hip injuries usually occur during everyday activities, sporting activities, as a result of a trip or overuse. Chronic hip injuries may occur from poorly managed acute injuries, due to worn cartilage or joints, osteoarthritis, repetitive movements or compensation post an injury. These injuries can lead to pain, stiffness, weakness, difficulty walking or difficulty performing normal activities.

Treatment at Total Physiocare can be an invaluable tool to your recovery after a hip injury. We take a thorough history of your condition and work with your treating practitioner, referring you for any medical imaging if required. We help develop goals with you to ensure treatment is designed around what you want to achieve, and utilise outcome measures to measure progress and ensure that we are providing the most effective treatment for your individual needs and goals.

While rehabilitation will be based on your presentation, needs and goals, treatments often include a combination of hands on therapy, taping, strength training, stretching and education on how to manage the condition.

Hip conditions:

  • Hip osteoarthritis
  • Gluteal tendinopathy or greater trochanter pain syndrome
  • Sciatica type pain
  • Femoral acetabular impingement
  • Muscle strains
  • Hip labral tears
  • Tendinopathy
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Dysplastic hips
  • Femur fractures