Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy

Cedrick studied a Diploma of Massage Therapy in Australian Learning Group and is currently completing further study advancing his Myotherapy tool kit.  After completing his initial study, Cedrick gained experience at a variety of massage clinics and was able to learn and explore different approaches to manual therapy. He puts an emphasis on individualising each treatment to the client, so they gain the utmost from each session.
Cedrick is passionate about studying physiology and human movement. Part of his treatment is spent analysing muscle imbalances through touch, releasing those muscles and activating muscles that aren't working as effectively as they should. As a martial arts enthusiast, having started as a child, Cedrick has an appreciation for optimal movement efficiency and conceptualising the body as a whole.
Utilising the whole-body point of view, Cedrick approaches his remedial massage treatments with a visual scan of the whole body to find clues of dysfunctional movement patterns and relax muscle tightness that will consequentially jumpstart greater musculoskeletal motor proficiency of the body as a whole. 

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