Prehab – Preparing For Your Operation

Prehabilitation or prehab involves introducing or maintaining an active lifestyle so that your body can withstand a future stressor (surgery).  Prehab can be helpful in preparing for any surgery but is highly recommended for procedures that require an inpatient stay at hospital e.g., total knee or hip replacements, ACL reconstructions and spinal fusions.

Research shows the benefits of prehab include reducing the risk of post-operative complications and decreasing recovery time. It can also be linked to improved function and shorter hospital stays. This allows you to get back to your best sooner!

The crux of a prehab program is to tailor strength training to muscle groups that are at risk of becoming weak after surgery. Your prehab should also include cardiovascular exercise as after surgery you may find you get tired more quickly. Having cardiovascular fitness will help you regain your independence at a faster rate.

To compliment your prehab, it is important to eat a healthy diet and provide your body with nutrients. It is also recommended to have a dental check-up to rule out dental infections as they can lead to wound infections post-operatively.

For a specific prehab program or advice book now online or call one of our clinics.

Mathanki Winayakan
Total Physiocare Physiotherapist

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