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Thank you for joining Louisa Sikaris for her advice on how to keep your body moving using everyday household objects.

Louisa is Total Physiocare's fantastic Exercise Physiologist. Her broad industry experience has included a Cert IV in Allied Health Assistance, presenting for Diabetes Victoria Living Well Series and the Coordinator for Diabetes Camps Victoria and participating in a range of sports. She has worked with cardiovascular, metabolic, mental health, spinal/neurological and musculoskeletal populations towards rehabilitation. Ultimately, Louisa has an interest in using exercise as medicine to promote metabolic health and holistic wellbeing.

During this challenging time, Total Physiocare is dedicated to helping you stay fit and active. This is a beginners level, full body work out that you can complete at home. If you experience any discomfort or pain during this program, please reach out to one of our clinics, and our committed team of Physiotherapists will work to help you. If you'd like further information or guidance on how you can better utilise your home space to stay fit and active, or need guidance with your current exercise program in a gym setting; reach out to Louisa, call or email our reception team, or book online. We are currently offering face to face consults and Telehealth consults. Your first Telehealth consult with us is FREE, so don't hesitate to reach out and connect with one of our team members.

Total Physiocare has four locations across Melbourne, Australia - Kew - Heidelberg - Footscray - Reservoir If you have any questions, or wish to know more about us, please reach out via our contact us page on our website.

Instructor and Demonstrator: Louisa Sikaris

Film/Edit: Ashlen Claire Harkness

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